Fire-rated one-part silicone sealant for interior and exterior linear joints and penetration seals
Features & Benefits:
• Cures at room temperature when exposed to moisture in air
• Neutral cure, halogen-free
• Easy to apply: non-slump
• Excellent unprimed adhesion to most porous and non-porous construction substrates
• Excellent weathering characteristics, including resistance to ozone, UV radiation and temperature extremes
• Joint movement capability ±50% (ISO 9047)
• Tack-free in 1.5 hours
• Fire reaction tested and classified B,s2,d0 according to EN13501-1
• Fire resistance tested for linear joints according to EN1366-4 and BS 476 Part 22
• Fire resistance tested for penetration seals according to BS 476-22
• A fire resistance rating in integrity (E) and insulation (EI) of up to 240 minutes–4 hours
• can be achieved depending on the joint configuration
 The sealing of vertical and horizontal linear expansion joints and pipe and cable penetrations in fire rated walls 

• The joints must be clean and free from dust, grease and rust.
• No primer is required for non-porous surfaces. On porous surfaces such as concrete, stone, cement and plaster a primer (mixture of one part acrylic sealant and 4-          5 parts of water) can be applied.
• Min/max joint width must be 5mm/25mm. The recommended joint depth/width ratio is 1 to 2.
• Application temperature is between +5 °C and +35 °C.
• Immediately after the application, smooth the sealant at once with wet finger or a wet tool. Excess sealant can be removed by a wet cloth.
• Keep the sealed joint dry at least for two hours.
• Cured sealant can be removed mechanically.

Application Width 5mm 10mm 15mm 20mm 25mm
Application Depth 3mm 5mm 8mm 10mm 12mm
Efficiency / 300 ml 20 meters 6 meters 2.5 meters 1.5 meters 1 meters


Meets or exceeds the requirements of the following specifications:
• The French VOC requirements for class A+
• M1 Fire Rating according to NF P 92-501 radiation test
• The requirements of VOC content specifications in LEED credit EQc4.1 “Low-emitting products” of SCAQMD rule 1168.
• More than 4 hours Fire resistance without using any backfilling material according to EN 1366-4 under certain conditions.

Damp or humid conditions will significantly extend the cure time.
Do not apply below 5°C
Storage & Shelf Life:
The shelf life is 12 months if stored in unopened-original package in a dry place at temperatures between +5°C and +25°C.
Safety & Disposal:
Bears no imminent risk to health. Check MSDS guidelines for disposal and further information concerning safety.

Basis : Acrylic Dispersion  
Consistency : Smooth paste  
PH : 7.5-9  
Specific Gravity : 1,58 ± 0,03 gr/cm3 (ASTM D 792)
Tack-Free Time : 15-30 min (23 °C and 50% R.H) (ASTM C 679-03)
Curing Rate (mm/day) : Min.2 mm/day (23 °C and 50% R.H)  
Shore A Hardness : 40 ± 5 Shore A  
Elongation : > 100% (ASTM D 412)
Tensile strength :  ≥ 0,4 N/mm2 (ASTM D 412)
Application Temperature : +5 °C to  +40 °C  
Volume shrinkage : %10-15 (ASTM D 412)