Window & Door Sealant

Features & Benefits:
• Low VOC 
• Neutral cure
• Adheres to most common window substrates
• Open time up to 15 minutes
• Pot life up to 24 hours at ≤ 250°F (≤ 121°C)
• Excellent clarity
• Service temperatures from -58 to 300°F (-50 to 150°C)
• Reduces silicone contamination and cleanup
• Can be used with standard XY glazing equipment and pumps
• Instant green strength delivers improved productivity in window assembly
• Long open time, pot life, and moderate application temperature (250°F [121°C]) offer a
user-friendly application
• Unique physical properties minimize contamination of window components during
Composition • Neutral (moisture) cure, 100 percent silicone, reactive hot-melt sealant
Applications :
ANTSIL Window& Door  Sealant is designed for use as a backbedding sealant in the assembly of windows and doors. It is used with high-speed XY glazing equipment to improve manufacturing productivity and window performance. It can be used on most common window materials (wood, PVC, aluminum, fiberglass) for standard and impact-resistant glazing.
ANTSIL Window& Door Sealant is also compatible with most common insulating glass sealants.